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I started Nick of All Trades LLC to bring handyman services to people, helping to solve problems and repair their homes and vehicles. And while I was at it, to balance out my desk work and get some exercise as well. I've also enjoyed bringing my artistic and creative ideas (however utilitarian) to the table in custom design solutions for clients.

With a lifetime of tinkering and a bit of background studying engineering, architecture, and design, I've always strived to understand the physical world around me. I've put my hands to work in a range of crafts and trades: metalwork and carpentry, auto customs and repair, residential electrical and plumbing, electronics and smart home devices, to name a few.



"Nick was able to problem solve when our straightforward project took a turn for the complicated. Very professional and clean. Wide range of skills."

Jenna    06 Aug, 2020

"Communication and workmanship were excellent. Reliable work with attention to safety and detail."

Rosanne Wood    15 May, 2020

"Nick was fantastic. He did a number of jobs for me. Including hanging interior barn doors. Installing baby gate, exterior ring alley cam. And more . He even first a door that I was told by 2 other people that they would have t take the wall apart he did it no problem. Very trustworthy pleasant and kind. Would definitely recommend and use again."

Melanie    21 Oct, 2019

"Nick did an amazing job with a couple of welding projects I needed done, and one of them was particularly tricky, involving cast iron. He knows what he's doing and is a great communicator. I recommend Nick without hesitation."

Ken M    31 Jul, 2019

"Nick is fantastic to work with. He is timely, thorough, and fair. He has a lot of practical knowledge and the know-how to make things right. He's also trustworthy and communicates really well. I will definitely be hiring Nick for future work!"

Seth Prince    20 Jul, 2019

"We hired Nick to do detailed door and window trim painting, sand and recoat a door with varnish, and address two faulty bath fan covers on the exterior of our house. Nick’s attention to detail, and equally as important, his clear, timely, and concise communication made working with him easy and predictable. The work results are quite good. We highly recommend Nick."

Joe    10 Jul, 2019

"I hired Nick to help get our house ready to put on the market. I had a laundry list of tasks and projects ranging from patching and filling holes in drywall to repairing the structural support of our front porch, plus a handful of more ambiguous jobs that required some figuring out (which is why I had been postponing them). He knocked them all out much more efficiently than I could have and with superior workmanship."

Jared    09 Jul, 2019

"Nick is a talented, professional, reliable, and efficient handyman. He is, by far, the most skilled handyman I’ve ever hired. He is skilled in so many areas, from setting up sound systems to repairing almost anything. I highly recommend this pleasant, talented young man. I will have him back again when I have created a new list of things to be taken care of."

Michele C.    08 Jul, 2019

"I hired Nick in June to complete some household handyman tasks. He was easy to communicate with, prompt, professional and affordable. I would definitely recommend him."

Paula    08 Jul, 2019

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