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Insurance Benefits Manual Templates

I worked with an insurance broker client to upgrade the quality and efficiency of the guidance documents which they provide as a value added service to their customers. The documents give end users guidance in selecting benefits coverage during open enrollment, and provide an accessible reference to clearly understand their benefits plan coverage. My ongoing work with them is represented in several dozen unique documents produced to date.

Being constrained to Microsoft Word per the client's requirements, I structured the project as two template documents, a library of copy assets, and a publishing style guide to allow the client's employees to work with and reproduce the guides consistently and cost-effectively. 

As I continue to develop additional assets, I also maintain a database to track unique copy and layouts across 34 plan types and over 50 different providers. Knowing exactly which assets exist and which ones will need to be developed has facilitated for improved future planning, and reduced redundant work.

The new templates include a more efficient layout structure which allow for much more useful information fit on each page, and shortens average document length by 20%. They also include ongoing copy improvements for clarity, accuracy, and nuance in conveying complex insurance coverage information to the end user. The improved process, production quality, readability, and aesthetic have been well-received by the client and their customers.

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