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About Me

I enjoy putting my skills to good use helping folks to solve hard problems and communicate clearly. I draw on a broad toolset from my skills and experiences gleaned over a lifetime of learning.

I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota and enjoy finding big and small adventures with my wife and two daughters. I love to recharge with fresh air and exploring the great outdoors by foot, or boat, or four-wheel-drive. In work and life I like to leave it better than I found it!




Professional Experience

Freelance Writer 


Technical Article Writing for Web and Print, The Family Handyman Magazine


Nick of All Trades LLC/ 2019-Present

Custom Home and Auto Problem-Solving - Handyman, Metalwork, Welding, Fabrication, Design, Woodwork, Project Consulting, 3D Modeling, 3D Printing, CNC Cutting and Engraving


Technical Writer, Consultant 

Antenna / 2018–2022 

Writing, Copy Editing, Layout, Graphic Design 

Sr Project Coordinator  

HealthPartners / 2018-2018 

Project Management, Writing, Copy Editing, Standard Operating Procedures, Process Workflow, Data Analysis

Director of Operations

Trinity City Church / 2011-2017

Non-Profit Management, Writing, Copy Editing, Marketing, Policy Documentation, Standard Operating Procedures, Financial Reports, Annual Reports, Facility Management, Training


Vantage Point Design / 2007-2011

Web Design and Development, Writing, Copy Editing, Marketing, Illustration, 3D Modeling, Graphic Design

Executive Assistant

Monson, Inc. / 2005-2007

Web Design/Development, Writing, Copy Editing, Marketing, Illustration, 3D Modeling, Graphic Design, Standard Operating Procedures, Process Workflow

Technical Skills
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

  • Microsoft Project, SharePoint, Publisher, Visio

  • Adobe Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator)

  • Adobe Acrobat, Document Cloud, familiarity with Adobe FrameMaker

  • AutoCAD, SketchUp, Blender, Fusion360

  • Project Management framework (PMI), traditional and agile frameworks

Additional Skills:

  • Style Guides: AP, CMOS, MLA

  • Familiar Standards: OSHA, ASME, AIA, PMI, PMBOK, ISO Engineering, ISO CAD Drafting

  • Flowcharts, decision trees

  • Web Design and Development, HTML, CSS, PHP, familiarity with JavaScript, XML

  • Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, Maps, Administration)

  • Autodesk AutoCAD, Sketchup Pro, ArcGIS Pro

  • McKesson Horizon Business Insight, SAP Business Objects, Epic Systems

  • 30+ years hobby mechanic, auto and motorcycle customs, restoration, maintenance, and repair

  • Hybrid Electric vehicle design: UW-Madison Future Truck team, vehicle design, fabrication, documentation (1st place, national hybrid vehicle competition)

  • Professional Handyman


The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI

Bachelor of Science, English (2004)


Writing focus with engineering coursework background including: Geometric Modeling, Statics, Calculus, Statistics, and Chemistry

Areas of Experience and Interest

  • 3D Modeling/Rendering 

  • 3D Printing

  • Accounting 

  • Adobe Illustrator 

  • Adobe Photoshop 

  • Adventure Outfitting 

  • Aerial Photography and Imaging 

  • Antique Photo Restoration

  • ArcGIS Pro 

  • Auto Customs 

  • Auto Mechanic 

  • Auto Restoration 

  • AutoCAD 

  • Blueprints 

  • Brazing

  • Business Start-Ups 

  • Business 


  • Camping 

  • Canoeing 

  • Carpentry 

  • Cartography 

  • Christian Nonfiction 

  • Christianity

  • Church Administration 

  • CNC Machining

  • Coding (HTML, CSS, PHP, XML, JavaScript)

  • Commercial Facility Management 

  • Computer Repair/Maintenance 

  • Construction Drawings 

  • Data Analytics

  • Digital Photo Editing/Retouching 

  • Digital Photography 

  • DIY/How-To 

  • Drone Piloting 

  • Drum Corps 

  • Drumming 

  • Dungeons and Dragons 

  • Electric Vehicles 

  • Electrical (Residential) 

  • Electronics 

  • Emergency Preparation/Survival 

  • Engineering Shop Drawings 

  • Engineering 

  • Fantasy Fiction  

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Firearms 

  • Flow Charts 

  • Fluid Mechanics

  • Forklift Operation

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Graphic Design 

  • HAM Radio

  • Handyman 

  • Hiking 

  • Home Audio 

  • Home Automation 

  • Hunting 

  • HVAC (Residential) 

  • Hybrid Vehicles 

  • Illustration 

  • Lathe Operation

  • Mac Computer Repair/Maintenance 

  • Manufacturing Process Design

  • Mapmaking 

  • Metalworking 

  • Military 

  • Motorcycle Maintenance 

  • Non-Profit Management 

  • Off-Roading 

  • Overlanding

  • Parenting 

  • Pastoral Ministry 

  • PC Computer Building 

  • PC Computer Repair/Maintenance 

  • PC Gaming 

  • Percussion 

  • Photography 

  • Plumbing (Residential) 

  • PMBOK Project Management Standards  

  • Preaching 

  • Project Management

  • Religion 

  • Remodeling (Residential) 

  • Role-Playing Games 

  • Science Fiction 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Sermons 

  • Small Business Administration 

  • Small Business Operations 

  • Smart Home Design 

  • Stage Audio Production 

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

  • Systematic Theology 

  • Theology 

  • Training Manuals 

  • Typography 

  • User Manuals 

  • Web Design 

  • Web Development 

  • Welding 

  • Wilderness Survival 

  • Woodworking 

  • Worldbuilding (Fiction)

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